How Going Vegan will Save the Planet: Explained!

Save the Planet Go Vegan!

Climate change has been an issue for a while, but little has been done to address it, leaving us striking and demanding for change. As we fight for change and look at the factors that have caused climate change, there is changes we can make as individuals that positively impact the environment. A good start is to go Vegan! OR at least reduce your meat consumption. Veganism is the single biggest way you can help save the planet and reduce your carbon footprint. Here are some facts you may or may not have already known. Think of it as facts for thought (Get it? Instead of food for thought).

  • Producing 2 pounds of beef emits more greenhouse gas emissions than driving your car for three hours straight! Imagine all the reduced emissions if everyone went vegan? Eating no meat is actually better than riding your bike to work every day, who would have thought?
  • 80% of the agriculture land in the USA ALONE is used to factory farm animals. Imagine if we turned all that land into beautiful nature reserves or conservation areas.
  • Chicken, cattle and pigs are the biggest consumers of water. A single pig consumes 21 gallons of drinking water per day. That’s 7,665 gallons of water a year!
  • And speaking of water, factory farms produce billions of pounds of manure each day. And where does that manure go you might ask? Our lakes and rivers! All of the manure used to fertilize crops end up running off into waterways, polluting groundwater. In fact, agriculture runoff is the largest source of pollution in water ways.

Now just imagine, if everyone was vegan, we’d have 80% more land, cleaner air and cleaner water. Climate change is up to all of us, and it starts with us, the consumers! Go vegan or reduce your meat consumption. If there is no demand for meat, companies have no choice but to begin producing less meat. The same goes for vegan products. When demand for vegan products increases, companies eventually increase supply to meet the demand. Of course, there are many excellent reasons to go vegan. Animal cruelty, health benefits but also the environment. And so, we leave you with this, #Savetheplanetgovegan.


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