The Vegan Transition: The 3 Tips That Transitioned My Sister & Mom Into Vegan/Vegetarian.

The Vegan Transition

I have had so many people ask me how I transitioned into veganism, and the truth is, I just quit cold turkey! But I understand not everyone can do that, especially if you have been accustomed to eating meat and dairy products your whole life. I’ve given many people tips and advice based on what I’ve learned from helping my sister and mother transition. Here are three simple tips to keep in mind when you’re just starting your transition.

1.     Take a look at your diet and decide where you can start cutting out meat. 

One of the most important things to remember when transitioning into veganism is that your taste buds change over time. If you’re someone who has a lunch meat sandwich every day, start by slowing cutting down the amount of meat you put on your sandwich. Once you feel ready, replace it entirely with plant-based foods. More often then not, people find it hard to cut out meat because its apart of their routine, so take a look at your eating routine and decide what’s the least challenging thing you can cut out and start there. Over time, your taste buds will adjust to the taste of vegetables, beans, legumes, etc and you’ll start craving those rather than meat and dairy. 

2.     Don’t eat boring foods! Eating vegan meals can be delicious and fun.

If you’re a vegan you’ve heard a million times “what do you eat, salad?” Of course, I eat salad, but I also eat delicious veggie burgers, wraps, nachos, pizza, tacos, etc. If you’re transitioning into eating a plant-based diet, the worst thing you can do is eat boring foods. If you’re just going to be eating salads every day then, of course, you’re going to find it hard to stick with it. Find inspiration online, social media is full of people who share their delicious vegan creations. Once you start having fun with your vegan dinner, you won’t even think about going back to your old meat eater ways!

3.     Find substitutes that work for you.

Not every product on the market is going to be your favourite so experiment and find ones that you love. If you’re someone who loves hamburgers, find a veggie burger that you love so when you’re craving a burger you can reach for that. With veganism on the rise, the number of products coming out is unreal! You can basically find a vegan substitute for any regular meat/dairy product. Ice cream, pizza, hotdogs, hamburgers, you name it and you got it.  

Although transitioning to a vegan diet can be difficult, it is so worth it and once you’ve done it, I can promise you, you won’t think twice about going back. The vegan lifestyle is a great way to help yourself become a healthier version of you. If you’re just starting your transition, of your helping someone else start/get through I hope these tips are beneficial to you. If you have advice or a tip that you think may help someone, or want to share your story, comment below!

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